Journey To The Fifth World

“A large source from which we are directed and supported in working with the unseen forces, is our connection to ancient stories and myths. We are in a time when it is very important to reconnect to the knowledge and wisdom inherent in that which has been passed down throughout time,

and is still present in our psyches. It is that which inspires us and can give greater meaning to the journey. In our Modern World we have become disconnected from the power and reality of myth, losing contact with our ancient roots. It is time to remember who we are and to mature as co-creators of a reality much greater than what we see with just the naked eye. It is time to bring back our “symbolic power,” to create powerful changes of mythic proportion. As we orient ourselves to be more in tune with the bigger picture, we can live our lives in the greater mythic connection to a wondrous spiritual reality, right here on Earth.”
                – Excerpt from Journey to the Fifth World, by Michele Ama Wehali
We must return. We must revisit the True way, if but only to preserve it’s memory as our Outer World decays more and more with each moment past.
The land that Once Was has been all but forgotten by Mankind, and yet with each rising Sun to start the Day, “The Beauty” thrives on. We have but to Touch the Earth and remember, yet for most in this Age we now live indoors, and if we venture outside, we usually wear shoes.


Is this the True State of Our Condition?
The Disconnect is now Overtly Apparent, yet Our tendencies lead us to simply look away, and forget. We get caught up. We get drawn into engaging with the illusion, on its terms, as if we were the imaginary device and it the Real. It pulls at us from sun-up to sun-down, and yet we rise again the next day
unrepentant as we trudge on-wards, into Oblivion.
The Disconnect itself is the Sly diversion, for you see, the disconnect is but a symptom manifesting from within the Real You behind the Hypno-Screens of this age.
Mankind is not disconnected by some exterior deficiency or historical mistake, mankind is disconnected by its lack of Communion with the Sacred Mother we call Earth. It’s lack of Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, or simply Time enough for One to simply Hear the Rainfall and let its cadence Wash away some of your

Yes, We are quite alright. We don’t have to “Figure Out” a Solution.
We ARE the Solution, simply because We are the only Problem.
Ancient Wisdom is often passed over and forgotten by those who fail to acknowledge it’s inherent value.


I cannot speak for anyone elsewhere in this Sphere with me as we pass through this Time of Great Transition, but I have met others who seem to Remember clearly enough. I indeed remember The Beauty.
It still pervades. Nothing has changed. We have simply desecrated this Sacred Space with our Ignorance and lack of courage.
This is not the first Time of Great Transition, nor will it be the Last. Each time I am Here to ensure nothing goes awry too far. I did not Return alone. We [Star-Walkers] always arrive to assist through these often troubled Waters, but We are not here to Lead. We are here now to Remind. Your Elders and Chieftains are better suited at Leading or Guiding our Collective Affairs.
I am an Ancient Soul here now in Human form.
Some may not know how to take reading this, We will move beyond this too, Once More.
This Life Movie seems to be Titled – “An Unfortunate Retelling of a Tragic Event” however, I know that it does not have to be. It truly is up to us embodied human beings to preserve this planet as we Return to Gaia and let it Heal Our Wounds.                                   
Collective Psychic Atmospheres are constructed by immensely Focused Intent charged with Raw Energetic Emotion. This dynamic is groomed into the Power Structures that we See in place here. To my Ancient Eyes I See the Intent. It is their Fear of Failure which has led us into this Trap that has yet to be sprung. They kept trying to correct a problem, to Adjust the System, and after they realized that they could not simply Right their Wrongs, they found an immediate Need for Control over the rest of the population. This was not instituted malevolently, but out of a Need to find a Solution. The Human Race is the walking, talking,  breathing Immune System of the Planet. As their plans went
south long ago, they kept finding the rest of their Brothers and Sisters rather Hard to Contain, and invasive to their otherwise Necessary dealings within the world. Not all are Tasked with
such responsibility that such a Position of Power requires. The Universal Laws, which cannot be broke, give testament to The Beauty in praise for it’s existence. They are simply trying too hard to do something, in a world filled with people programmed from birth to only Follow Orders. All who do not comply with their endeavors must be eliminated should their noncompliance interfere in any way.
This is why our Mental Hospitals are full of this generations Shamans, Prophets, and Medicine Men. They have locked away what they cannot utilize, and they eliminate that which stands in their way. They, being just as Disconnected, have fallen prey to the Imaginary Drama.     
Oh that they had long ago simply Rested their efforts, if only long enough to appreciate a flowing river, a flower, or a Tree. Perhaps then they would realize that the Earth is Mother to All.

                                                                                                    We must allow for the Spirits of this Planet to Nurture us back into ourselves.

Luckily, our Earth Mother is actively nurturing us right now. If you don’t believe me, hold your breath until you do.

Medicine for the people

These tracks were selected to go hand in hand with this message. Please administer this medicine liberally, as needed. Namaste (but for real).

                                     The Beauty still pervades. We can smile and move forward.