omniversal Media’s Intervention

aurora re-encryption protocols


Omniversal Media functions as a bridge between you, the end user, and the Code Carriers that we bring to you via our Beneath The Surface podcasts, music, and blog.

Teaming up with the Omniversal News Network we seek to distribute the necessary information sets required to re-calibrate the harmonics of this Sacred Sphere and connect you with the Ancient Wisdom your soul came here seeking.

Beneath The Surface Omniversal News Network


hawk eye

ancient star-Walker

Omniversal Media is managed by Hawk Eye.

Tending to the Garden of Star Seeds planted within this Universal Time-Matrix this Ancient Soul isn’t wasting time second guessing his purpose. 

Hawk Eye’s mission is to ensure that we all Remember who we are at a core Soul Level. He is convinced that once one catches a glimpse of their True Self their Divine Blueprint begins to Re-encrypt their DNA – Unfolding naturally and Returning them to Balance.

Through his Art he intends to Re-Awaken humanity by reminding them of The Story of their Former Glory.

His album “Full Disclosure” which is dedicated to the late Max Spiers is live on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and all major streaming platforms.

This musically inclined creative is also in the process of writing a new novel series entitled “The Unveiling”.

Listen To Full Disclosure

“Straight flames when I flow – Make the devil lose his hold on these people, all this evil better recoil when I show…”

The omniversal News Network

A Team You Can Rely On


Omniversal Media LLC is a hub connecting certain Souls featured in our Beneath the Surface Podcast Interviews with the individuals who need their specific carrier output wave. It also includes music and entertainment art serving as an online repository for various topics of information. We seek to Bridge the Divide between various Schools of Thought so that our viewers can see that humanity is in agreement about so much more than they believe.
People are no longer able to decipher fact from fiction. 
Hence the need for an Omniversal Override of the various News Sources.
There is a difference between “Media” and “News”.
One is philosophical, the other is informational.
Working in conjunction with the Omniversal News Network we seek to keep the two Separate, yet whole. We’ll bring you the food your Soul needs and ONN will keep you informed.