Hawk Eye’s Dossier

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The ancient wisdom has been forgotten

As Souls incarnate, often the physical Mind is conditioned to the point of exhaustion. The Heart fails to maintain its driving force, thus forcing the Soul into a psychically maintained PRISON or MATRIX, causing a psychotic mental state in which polarities (Mind & Heart) continually vacillate through the oscillations of Duality.
All the while the Soul remains locked away with the “Map” which has been forgotten, but not discarded.
Man forgets his purpose and yet at the same time strives to survive, as if his fleshly vessel will not perish. The Mind, to compensate, is driven into a materialistic state of mania which serves to further confuse the Emotional Body (Heart), which is the “Brain” of the Mind.
Young Souls are ignorant of these precepts and are recycled, as Older Souls are led down ever increasingly difficult paths which the Physical Mind materialistically attempts to “fix” often with greedy addictions, be they Financial or Mystical.
The Elder Souls, baffled and confused, also give up trying as they observe their Children’s failures to evolve spiritually.
Thus the Ancients return after AEONS only to Awaken and find the rest of the world still sleeping.
Ancient Wisdom is unheard by the Youth, denied by the Adolescent, shunned superstitiously by the Adult, and elicits a deep sense of FAILURE within the weary Elders.
The Ancients bear this weight with ease, yet find that often the Elders refuse to Ever pick it up again.
The Mind, confused and baffled, equates physical age with these precepts and forgets the “Soul Map” once more…
Thank God for those who persevere and bring a remembrance of hope back to The Collective.
All is NOT lost. The Dream Awakes.