It is, I believe, through Grace that I know us to be, first and foremost, Blessedly Fortunate for understanding from which appreciation flows for our having being given the untarnished gift of shared love, indivisible, and life lived together, though limited in time, no less precious. Even more, bearing witness to the unfolding folding of access restriction of that which we cherish, increasing equity in memorial value. Despite centuries of targeted abuse by systematic Capitalization of our personally unmet (a.k.a. Unreceptive, Unresponsive Oblivious) grieving bodies by unrelenting, unsolicited subjugations communicating misleading untruths maliciously laced with unnoticeable subconscious suggestions for the purpose of inducing individual destruction – a core requirement to maintain the global grip of power, corrupt, and profit greed… yes… I regress, in spite of conditionally broken belief systems, we are still capable of accessing those separated parts of ourselves that were once incomprehensible for our yet to be developed conscious minds; once we gain awareness of our self-disrespectful self-disregard with willing openness to compassionate expansion of vision we may find drive developing purpose in cultivating motivational passion for uncovering our greatest treasures in pursuit of prompted evolutionary discoveries into our existence which surpasses worldly distractions, and furthermore, consensually choose to acknowledge, loving accept, and acknowledge residing tenet shadows of our unforeseen being.

This quest for self recovery is vital to the process of reworking our trauma. Existence exists as dancing lights of checks and balances on the spectrum of conceptual infinity and beyond. Existence exists outside the confines of that which we call reason. We do not speak of this because it creates distortions in the presently ingrained, functional constructs of time, communication and measurement, which already exist in reversal distortion to Universal Nature Spirit by origin of the previously alluded Sumerian design. Introduction to ideas of operating system opposition do not well compute and will either be met with automated disinterest or I unbridled emotionally charged defensiveness which, in escalated cases of unwilling acceptance, underdeveloped problem-solving or critical thinking skills may cause the thinking mind to collapse under the unsolvable comprehensive conflict. This inability to consider unknown possibilities or cope when presented with unfamiliar or alternative information can be classified as symptomatic of Stockholm Syndrome. A classical outcome of indoctrination en-mass with a wide range of unpredictable potential destruction of an individual’s relationship with life as they know it.
We all meet and handle life’s hardships as fully as we were willing own the one that came before it but because we have been ill-prepared to confront all of life as it comes, our faith placed in everything except ourselves, our base instincts override indecision, rejecting that which has been perceived as threatening to survival by whatever means necessary. So when that happens, the rejected, unexpressed and unseen, flees into the wilderness and clings to hiding in the darkness, afraid to return for fear or re-experiencing the pain of abandonment and disconnection from the self as an integrated being, and there will remain until rescue comes. No doubt the universe supports our greatest potential and Assistance can come in many forms, such as that of a non-judgmental Brother’s unconditional love or the adoration and accepting company of a beloved pet. We all repeat this process over and over, it’s how we grow, adapt and evolve. Take responsibility for your own development by being accountable for rescue and recovery of your abandoned self every chance you get. You owe it t yourself and everyone around you to take an active role in figuring out what it means for you to be living your best life. Still confused about what I’m saying or unsure where to start? Take an unshakable first step by expressing appreciation when and wherever you are feeling grateful and I guarantee more will flow from all that which you sow in reflection of the intention you hold.



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